Swallow enables teams to get their pricing to market faster

Supercharging leading global enterprises, from startups to Fortune 500

Look at this data nexus image!

It shows lots of data swallowed by Swallow’s AI for power reasons

Generative AI answers you can trust

  • Knowledge graph. Glean connects all your company’s data — across all of the content, people and interactions in your organization

  • Advanced personalization. Answers are personalized based on who you are, who you work with, and what you’re working on

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Glean retrieves the most relevant information and ensures LLMs answer with the most up-to-date knowledge

Generative AI answers you can trust

  • Responsible AI. All answers are secure, private, and fully referenceable, so you can trust and verify Glean's responses

  • Governance. Glean respects the same permissions set in your company's data sources, so you only get answers based on data you're allowed to see

  • Scalable infrastructure. Glean provides scalable infrastructure and auditing tools to ensure sensitive data is used as intended

Turnkey implementation of a complex AI ecosystem

  • Turnkey implementation. Glean has 100+ connectors and no need for costly professional services, data training, or manual fine-tuning

  • Platform tools. Use Glean’s low-code and no-code centralized AI platform to scale the power of trusted generative AI backed by your company’s knowledge, anywhere it’s needed

  • LLM portability. Use the LLMs of your choice and avoid getting locked into one language model

Today’s teams move faster with Swallow

No upfront or implementation costs
1 minute
To build, test, approve and publish a pricing change
Tests can be performed every minute
Quotes can be created and stored per hour