Swallow’s AI Agents

Empowering you to focus on what matters most


AI Governance

Create reports - Use AI to look through data and projects to automatically create reports for compliance, marketing, finance or pricing teams

Summarise change - Explain how your pricing project changes over time for easy auditability and quick issue resolution

Regulation assistant - Our AI is contextualised to all public filed regulatory documentation in the US, UK and EU. We help you correctly implement pricing change and flag any potential issues


AI Tech Actuary

Quick setup - Use AI to create a new pricing project in a couple of minutes from a prompt and optionally supplied pricing documentation

No-code assistant - Ask AI to help create or amend pricing steps within the no-code build tool

Auto-fix - Our AI will help sort and standardise unstructured data that is uploaded so you can quickly work with new data within you pricing project


AI Data Analyst

Understand your customers - Use AI to generate your customer profiles or segment customer cohorts from quote data

Simple query - No need to know SQL to be able to query all your data and generate results just ask the AI

Optimisation - Our AI will look at your sales data and help you understand how you can optimise growth and margin within your pricing project


AI Test QA

Test creation - Use AI to generate thousands of tests for your pricing model in minutes

Comparison - Quickly understand how your model has changed between previous versions and understand the impact on your customers before making changes

Early warning - Our AI will monitor your quoting as alert if quoting or sales volume looks suspicious. Catch fraud and implementation issues quickly