Rivr launched a complex home insurance product in record time

Rivr needed to get their new insurance product to market quickly and with confidence

Rivr is a UK Insurtech founded by Will Clarkson Web in 2023. Rivr offers a curated, high-value home insurance product. Rivr are an appointed representative backed by an experience MGA. Rivr have built their own unique insurance risk pricing model in Swallow and are distributing digitally through their website.


“Whilst our technical team was keen to build pricing ourselves, we decided to go with Swallow because of their domain experience and the product looked great. And happy we did, for our complex pricing model, the platform allowed us to quickly build and easily maintain and iterate pricing in the underwriting team.”

“Swallow has enabled us to get to market in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken us and saved thousands in development costs.”

Will Clarkson Webb


Rivr wanted to get their complex product to market quickly. Rivr had the technical expertise to build a modern web applications and distribution portal but felt it would be difficult to build their own insurance pricing engine without compromising on pace of delivery and resource spend. Rivr wanted to separate insurance risk pricing from core tech stack and process.


Swallow presented an alternative to the in-house solution or slow-to-implement and expensive enterprise pricing tools in the market. We enabled Rivr to take the complex pricing model agreed with their MGA partner and build out a first draft of the model within 1 week.

Swallow provided a self-serve solution that enabled faster revision, testing and deployment as the model evolved.

Key benefits

First version of pricing live within a week

1000s of tests run against every version change

No need for engineering to be involved in pricing build or changes

Self-service through the Swallow platform