Swallow Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last updated: August 2023

This Cookie Notice describes how we – Llow Group Ltd (“we”, “us”, “our” and “Swallow”) collects, stores and uses information about you in connection with Swallow products and services, including your use of the Swallow websites (the “Sites”).

1  What are cookies?

Cookies help us distinguish you from other users. They are small text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you access a website or mobile application. When a cookie is downloaded by you, we refer to it as having been ‘set’.

2  Do I have to have cookies?

No, but some are necessary for our site and services to work the way they’re supposed to. We call these ‘Essential’ cookies. These will still be in place, even if you’ve used the cookie banner on our site to reject all non-essential cookies. If you want to, you can remove them by adjusting your browser settings.

In this notice, we’ll describe which cookies are essential, which aren’t, and what they’re all for.

3  Why do we set cookies?

We set cookies for a number of reasons.

For anonymous analysis:

  • To identify whether you are a returning visitor so we can analyse site visits and understand the pages you and others are interested in.
  • To identify that you’ve come from somewhere else such as a partner website.
  • To understand how long visitors are spending on our website or app.

We also use them to help with your experience using our service:

  • To remember your preferences for a set period of time, if you tell us anything we need to keep (such as the fact you’ve already logged in and entered your email or password). These cookies have an expiry date that reflects how long that information needs to be kept for.
  • To remember that you’ve previously contacted our customer experience team via the live chat option.
  • To temporarily store information while you have our website open. These are known as session cookies and will be deleted as soon as you close your browser.

We also allow selected partners to set cookies that allow both us, and them, to understand how any advertising we run with them is performing. The process is usually called ‘ad tracking’ and the cookies are known as ‘third party cookies’. You can see a list of our partners and the cookies we set in the section 5.

4  Cookies that collect personal data.

Some of the cookies we set are required to collect one or more pieces of personal data. Personal data we collect includes the following:

  • IP Address.
  • First name.

See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we manage personal data.

5  What types of cookies do we set?

To help you manage what cookies you want us to set, we have categorised cookies into two main categories. These are split out as ’Essential cookies’ and ‘Cookies we use to improve our service’.

Essential cookies

These cookies are the ones we consider to be necessary for our business and for your experience.

Cookies we use to improve services we offer.

There are cookies we use that aren’t essential to make the services we offer function, but these cookies give us additional information that we can use to help us improve those services. These cookies have been categorised into partners in the table bellow.

If you don’t want these cookies to be installed on your device, you can change the settings on your browser or device to reject cookies. For more information about how to manage cookies using your Internet browser settings, you can check out the ’Help’ section of your internet browser (or alternatively visit http://www.aboutcookies.org).

It’s worth noting that if you do set your Internet browser to reject cookies or otherwise withdraw your consent in relation to cookies, there’s a chance you may not be able to access all of the functions of our website and services.

Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon’s hosting services so we don’t have to maintain our own servers.


We use Google for analytics purposes, to help us understand how people are using our website and services, as well as advertising on their platforms - so we use cookies to measure the effectiveness of these activities.

You can find more information about how to manage cookies from Google here:


How to manage cookies in general

More information about cookies generally can be found at:


You can find out how to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics by visiting:


6  Pixel Tags

As well as cookies, we may use pixel tags (which are also known as web beacons and clear GIFs) to track your actions on our site. Unlike cookies, which are stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device by a website, pixel tags are embedded invisibly on web pages.

Pixel tags measure the success of our marketing campaigns, compile statistics about how our site is used, and help us to manage our content.

7 Additional Information

A cookie cannot read data off your system or cookie files created by other sites, but a service provider can use the same cookie to recognise your computer or device across different sites.

You can set your system not to accept cookies if you wish (for example, by changing your browser settings so cookies are not accepted). However if you do, it’s important we let you know that some of our features may not function properly. For example, you might have to log into your account more than you have previously as we won’t remember you’ve already entered your password.