Our mission

One pricing professional should be able to create or amend one pricing model that serves over one million quotes within one day.

Swallow is the platform that enables pricing professionals to be more impactful. Quicker iteration, more confidence with less cost.

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Backed by the best

We are backed by two of the best UK’s early stage investors. They have backed unicorns like Tide, Typeform, Trulayer, Alt Bank, Carta and Wagestream.

Their investment goes way beyond the capital, which has helped us grow a fantastic team and build a category defining product.

About pricing

Pricing underpins financial services - think insurance, credit, leasing, financing or mortgages. These companies make money based on their ability to assess risk and the market and give their customers a fair price.

Pricing operations is the process of setting and iterating on financial pricing. Today, this is a slow process that can take months to deliver. It’s a needlessly complex process that requires multiple skill sets, that has many stakeholders and is tightly regulated.

The software that services this industry is mostly dated, yet it underpins multi-trillion dollar industries.

That's where Swallow comes in

Pricing Operations Flow

Founding team

Callum Rimmer

Callum Rimmer


Co-founder of By Miles, a UK based usage car insurer that sold to Direct Line Group after 7 years of award winning growth.

20 years working in technology for companies such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Tesco and Orange.

Sam Clifton

Sam Clifton

Founding Team - Operations

Former startup investor who helped build Jaguar Land Rover's venture capital arm - InMotion Ventures.

In 2021, he co-founded a low-code business intelligence tool called SuperSheets that was backed by Y Combinator (W22).

Josh Overton

Josh Overton

Founding Team - Design

Former Head of Design at Comma, the fast growing fintech, acquired by Weavr in 2023. A career spanning over ten years fully focused on designing brands, websites and products for tech startups.

Founded his own beard oil business Hinterlands in 2020.