June 26, 2023

We feel you, pricing is hard...

It is hard to create, amend and serve pricing to your customers. Because it is hard, it can become a technical concern rather than a business concern. Here be where the dragons lie.

  • Slow delivery speed as pricing is dependent on other technical priorities
  • Increased fallibility as pricing code becomes coupled with other code concerns
  • Brittle test coverage as testing is wrapped in to more generic code testing
  • Fixing issues is slow as developers don't speak the same language as non-developers
  • Developer time is wasted by making frequent ad hoc pricing changes

Swallow allows you to separate the pricing out as its own concern with pricing professionals running the end to end pricing process without developer input. We define this separation of pricing process as pricing operations.

Pricing operations flow

The pricing operations flow


The primary data you need will be from pricing quotes served and products sold. This will give you the internal performance metrics that you can tune to manually or dynamically. This is automatically handled in real-time within Swallow. You have access to all pricing data in a blazing fast queryable architecture than scales to millions of quotes per day. All data is versioned so you know what pricing model was served to which customer.

Data can also be piped from any external source but often needs to be cleaned, sanitised, de-duped and mapped to usable. Swallow provides a simple import architecture that can be API, web hook or plugin driven. An easy-to-learn syntax give you flexibility to build simple or sophisticated ETL (extract, transform, load) capability.

This data is what is used to evolve the design of your pricing model.


Data and experience are used to design changes for your pricing models. Swallow provides drag and drop components that include enrichments (external APIs, large data set mapping), rules (exclusion, excess, endorsements, referrals), pricing factors (trained ML models, pricing tables, discounts, excesses, deposits, fees) and calculations (price, taxes, commissions). These components can be combined in sequence to make flows of increasing complexity.

Each change will impact your customers. You can define 100s of customer personas that you can run impact testing against as you design you model changes. These tests give you confidence of what the pricing implication will be for  existing and future customers.

Finally, the proposed pricing change can be shared for review and approval by key stakeholders. You can give visibility of pricing changes to all your team before implementation.


The approved pricing changes design are automatically turned in to code as you design. An API (for developers to integrate with) and trial form (to try like a customer) are automatically generated as you design. There is no lag between design and build. There are no communication issues between the pricing team and developers.


At a click of a button , the pricing change will be packaged, versioned and deployed to globally accessible cloud infrastructure. The new pricing model will be served on a fixed endpoint at high frequency, low latency and scaled to millions of pricing quotes per day.

Published quote data then feeds back in to your data step.

The Swallow workbench

Swallow is a suite of no-code tools for pricing professionals to manage the pricing operations which increases the speed and confidence of delivering pricing changes for better growth and profitability for your business.

Swallow has 4 main products for managing your pricing operations. These are process, testing, data and publish.