August 15, 2023

Why I created Swallow

My names is Callum Rimmer. I have a long background (over 20 years experience) in product and technology whilst working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Orange and Tesco.

In 2016, I co-founded By Miles, which grew to being the UK's biggest pay-by-mile car insurer. By Miles scaled to over 100 employees, with 100K’s of policies sold and over £25 million in investment before being sold to Direct Line Group in 2023.

Whilst running By Miles, I was involved in designing and delivering pricing for multiple insurance products over multiple underwriting partnerships. We repeatedly ran into the same issues around communication, approvals, testing, implementation and publishing. These issues made pricing release cycles take days instead of hours.

Callum Rimmer, Founder of Swallow

Financial pricing models (think insurance, credit, mortgages, financing, leasing, memberships) have, and continue to be, designed in spreadsheets and published through in-house custom code or legacy enterprise software. Pricing changes can take weeks instead of hours.

It was from this frustration that I created Swallow in the summer of 2022 as a financial pricing platform that enabled business to better manage the operations of getting pricing models in front of their customers. I wanted to build a free to use platform for pricing professionals so that they could own the pricing operations without any developer input. With Swallow, pricing model changes can be done in minutes and served to millions of customers with complete confidence.

As a company, we have and continue, to speak with hundreds of pricing professionals and all but a few companies have issues with some aspect of financial pricing operations. Pricing issues are the same globally and we believe there is a huge opportunity by introducing better pricing operations into many different types of businesses.

At Swallow, have a small but growing team of passionate product builders. If you are excited by what we are trying to achieve and would like to join the journey, then check out the available roles here.